Are you interested in our immobilizer and vehicle GPS tracking systems?

Increase your revenue and sales with our system. NO contract, NO activation fee, NO monthly or yearly renewals!


RCI GPS Vehicle tracking Solution
allows you to monitor your assets and reduce your recovery costs & efforts


Our GPS Tracking Solution,
a system designed
to increase your revenues and sales


Our GPS Tracking Solution
customer say it’s
«Easy to use and Reliable»


The most reliable
3.5G device
on the market

Tracking system for auto financing

The only GPS tracking system on the market specifically designed for 2nd and 3rd chance auto financing and home financing.

An ideal solution for the collection and management of your car lease Portfolio Financing. An equally ideal tool for the car rental industry.
With no activation or contract fees, these tracking devices remain activated indefinitely, with no additional monthly or annual fees.

  • • No Setup Fees
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Renewal Fees

Latest news


It is finally here.

Our Daily Locate Report Feature is now available to our Canadian Customers. Our System will locate your assets every 25 hours with at no extra cost..

Colishaw Auto Sales, Moncton, NB, CANADA

“We have tried several other starter interrupt providers before and never have we worked with such a reliable and user friendly system. I am impressed with the quality of the RCI devices, it will make my life a lot easier.”

Dakota Cars and Credit, Sioux Falls, SD

“We have tried a couple other GPS providers before and none would perform as well as the RCI Devices. We are extremely happy with the performances of this product.”

T and G Auto Sales, Alabama, USA

“… no more code fatigue! The time we save on collections alone pays for the system…we are even contemplating in-house finance in our other two stores because this system is so reliable…”

NEWSTART Canada, Pickering, ON

“… this module is so slick and works so well. I’m very impressed with it. I’m very happy to have found RCI Wireless Control! I’m installing a module in every car I sell – the money I save on gas for repos alone pays for the module”

K and C Budget Lot Independence, MO

“It is refreshing to deal with a company with such dedication to customer service.”

Big Rig Companies, LLC

Have I ever told you that you’re frickin amazeballs?!!

And this is why I continue ordering from you.. I’ve had others try and beat your costs,
but no one compares with your customer service.




Once the sunset of 2G networks is complete, any 2G devices will cease to function. What does this mean for you? Our devices use the HSPA standard of the GSM technology.