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Locate your vehicles. Simply select a vehicle from your list of customers and hit the locate button. View the map of its location in just a few seconds.


Zoom in and review the location and address of the vehicle’s position. Should the car be in motion, see its speed. You can also view the direction it is heading. You can even see the mileage the vehicle has travelled since the device was installed.

Map Features

All of the features Bing Map has to offer; Road map, Birds eye view, Zoom in, zoom out, rotate, shift.


Should the car payment be late, you have the option of activating the payment reminder buzzer. The warring signal will sound every time they start the car. You can also activate the starter Interrupt feature. Once you do, the car will not start! You don’t pay….. You don’t play!

GEO Fence

GEO Boundary crossing notification. Want to know when a vehicle either leaves or enter a preset perimeter? With basic configuration, the system will notify you by email or SMS text message, or both. Whether it is a parking lot, a city limit or a state line, you’ll be notified!


Are you concerned that the device will get tampered with? No matter how well hidden the device is, if you can put it in, they can still take it out. If ever they do, upon power lost, the device will lock in its position and then send you a notification by email or SMS to let you know so that you can take immediate action. The device will run of its back up battery for several hours.

Daily Locate

The system will locate your assets every 25 hours on its own. That is every day plus 1 hour, so it goes around the clock every 25 days. The system will keep these locations in your account history. Very convenient if ever you need to repo that vehicle but lost track of it. You can see where your asset usually is at different times of the day.


You want to locate or disable that vehicle in the middle of the night? No need to set your alarm clock, the system will do it for you. You can set the system so that it will do the work for you. Locate, warn, disable. Once, daily, weekly, monthly, you set it and it will do it!?


Features iCollect iRecover iLocate
GPS locating and tracking Road Map view Aerial view Bird's eye view
We use GPS triangulation technology for the most precise asset location available today. Get the location of an asset in just a few seconds. All commands include location (latitude/longitude), address, speed, direction and mileage of the vehicle. Leveraging Microsoft’s BING™, locating your vehicle only takes a few seconds.
Onboard Payment Reminder
Our technology is designed to help you collect your money. With its internal buzzer, a friendly audible payment reminder can be sent to the driver. When the car is started, the buzzer will sound for a few seconds - on demand or with a pre-set schedule.
Starter Interrupter
One click of a mouse is all it takes to prevent the vehicle from starting. This lowers repossession costs and can also help prevent vehicle theft and / or unauthor­ized use.
Continuous Network Monitoring View screenshot
Clearly displays which vehicle has connected to the network and its location within the last 24 hours which saves the time, effort and cost of performing a locate command.
Free Daily Asset Locating View screenshot
The system will automatically locate and track your assets every 25 hours. Will keep these locations in your online account history. Very useful if ever the device was tempered with.
Asset Mapping View screenshot
Get an instant overview of the individual locations of all assets in your entire fleet. With one click, enjoy online visibility of the last location recorded for each and every vehicle
Power Saver Management
Using an internal accelerometer the device can determine if the vehicle is moving or even if the engine is running. This allows the device to go in power saver stand-by mode and will conserve the vehicle’s battery.
Onboard Back-up Battery
Should, for some reason the device not get power, the internal automotive grade battery will provide hours of service.
Power Loss Alert View screenshot
Constantly monitors the power level of the device. Should a device experience a power loss due to tampering, a locate is performed and an alert message is sent.
Low Battery Alert
Prompts an alert if the vehicle’s battery is below its effective power capacity.
GEO Fencing Alerts View screenshot
The Landmark Feature allows you to quickly create unlimited amount of Geo-Zone on a map, such as impound lots. Be notified when a car gets town. Not in a month when the storage bill is hundreds of dollars.
Landmark Alert View screenshot
The Landmark Feature allows you to quickly create unlimited amount of Geo-Zone on a map, such as impound lots. Be notified when a car gets town. Not in a month when the storage bill is hundreds of dollars.
Movement Alert View screenshot
Should the vehicle is moved or towed while in disable mode; it will trigger a silent movement alarm and send you a notification to let you know that the car is moving when it should not.
QUICK Connect OBD Cable View screenshot
The tracking module will also install quickly using our optional Quick Connect OBD II connector. This allows the user to connect the module using a pass-through cable to the OBDII port for power and ground
18 Months Warranty
The iCollect, iRecover and iLocate are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 18 months. The warranty period begins on the date of installation, not on the purchase date.
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Intuitive and Comprehensive Secured Web Application – Easy to use web based program.

No need to download and configure software. All you need is a computer with an internet access to manage your account and your assets. All commands are done on demand or on schedule.

Easy Installation

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) equipped for auto diagnostics for the installer, our device is installed in just a few minutes. When power is applied, a few seconds is all it takes for the device to acquire network, register and get a GPS lock-on. No waiting time for the installer.

Fully Transferable

Save money by re-using modules. With RCI UNLIMITED airtime plan – recover the module when the car is fully paid for and transfer it to another car and it’s free.

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NO Contract, NO Airtime, NO Renewal Fees!

With absolutely no hidden sign up or activation fees, our GPS vehicle tracking system will remain activated forever.
There are no Monthly or Yearly airtime renewals.


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